A Chicken Coop Co-op! by Priya Diaz


Priya Marita Diaz has lived in Seattle since 2008 and is co-chair of Seattle’s Progressive Co-op Preschool and board director of ACIT Seattle, a non-profit tabla drumming music institute. Priya has a background in social justice, music and education. Priya grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains of California where chickens and organic gardening were part of her childhood. Her interests beyond urban farming include yoga, theater, canning, making music, building community and spending time with family.

A chicken coop Co-op! Sharing chickens with my neighbor.

In February, my friend Tara and I decided to share chickens! I live in an apartment where pets are not allowed, and Tara has a big neglected back yard. Actually it all started with the idea to co-op her front yard into a shared food garden between our two families. The chickens were an idea inspired by the idea of having farm fresh eggs, outdoor pets for the kids (and adults) to enjoy, and a need for compost as well. So we decided to get some fluffy baby chickens at Seattle Farm Co-op on March 15th. We went to the very informative free Chicken Coop Workshop and our free Chicks 101 class, took notes, and started making plans for our coop.

Sharing chickens so far has been great, we have been taking turns babysitting as we prepare their outdoor chicken hotel. I wonder if more people will start sharing chickens in the city- when you consider that each chicken, once laying, provides one egg per day, keeping chickens gives one family more eggs than needed! Plus we can take chicken care shifts if one family is on vacation, share in feeding, maintenance and cleaning duties. Plus it’s an excuse to get the kids and families together for a chicken coop building barbeque!

Tara and I met through the preschool that our kids attend, Seattle Progressive Co-op Preschool, so I guess you can say we are into co-ops. I think that more and more people are finding out the advantages of working in co-op with each other, whether its a preschool, a farm store, or a shared yard or chicken coop. I think its a great way to create community, share skills and grow our own fresh local food, all the while teaching our kids to be more connected to what they eat. Not to mention all those fresh organic eggs that they will be finding in the nest boxes soon…

photoIssiah & chicksAsher & chickcropped-SFC-half-arrow_Header.jpgChild holding chick

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