bees, seeds, and chicks

Hi folks,

As I sit here in the warehouse office while the rain pours outside I’m thinking about my garden and all the plants and animals that are waking up. Yesterday I spent an hour pruning and cleaning up my raspberry patch before the leaves emerge. As I cut the old canes down, I made sure to leave several inches of each cane in the ground to be used by solitary bees this spring. Many important pollinators including mason bees create habitat in places we don’t even think about. With caneberries like raspberry, elderberry, and marionberry, some species of bees will bore a little hole in the pith of cut canes, and will lay their larvae inside.

All of the solitary (non-hive) bees are important for a healthy garden, including the mighty Mason bee. We’ve got some Mason bees in stock right now, 10 bee cocoons for $12.00, or $10.56 for members. If you purchase Easy Tear Tubes or Natural Reeds, you get $2.00 off a box of bees.

Speaking of animals and spring, we are sold out of chicks!! If you are still interested in getting some, come on down and get on our waiting list, we might be able to order some more from our hatchery. In case you missed our free chick raising class last week, we are hosting another one on Thursday, March 3rd from 6:00- 7:00 pm at the Farm Co-op Warehouse. Please RSVP to if you plan to intend.

For you gardeners out there, we have garden seeds from two local, farmer-owned companies. Please support independent farms and seed companies, and come on down for some great Northwest varieties!

By the way, since I know many of you have been to our new location, you’ve noticed we share the space with the Seattle Tilth Food Hub. Our friend and space-mate Chris Iberle, who has been managing the Food Hub is moving on and we just wanted to say goodbye and good luck to him on his new agricultural adventure!

Speaking of Seattle Tilth, they have a Master Composter program coming up starting in March. If you’ve been meaning to gain some skills in the art of organic matter, I highly recommend this program. Details can be found at, or by calling 206-633-0097.

Okay, that’s all for now. See you at the warehouse!


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