Chick Sale! Sold out 2/19/16

Every year we have a spring chick sale and 2016 won’t be different. We have ordered Black Sex Links, Gold Sex Links, Buff Orpingtons, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Easter Eggers, and Black Australorps. We recently added some White Plymouth Rock, Brown Leghorns and Runner Ducks to the order but as of this morning (1/21/16) the ducklings are sold out!  The sale will be in March, but you must pre-order by February 16th right HERE.


Chickens are flock animals – That’s why we require you purchase a MINIMUM ORDER of 3 chicks. The City of Seattle allows backyard flocks of up to 8 birds – NO roosters.

We buy our best estimate of the number of chicks of each breeds that we will sell. Chicks are reserved on a first come first served basis.ORDER EARLY right HERE to insure that you get the breed of your choice.

A chick class is REQUIRED … unless you have had chickens before – or take a SEATTLE TILTH or similar class. The Co-op will offer a FREE class. – dates to be announced

The hatchery tries very hard to accurately “sex” the chicks and are 90% accurate. So, though we’d love to say there will be no roosters, you may get a rooster UNLESS you order Gold Sex Link or Black Sex Link chicks where 99.9% of the hatch are hens.

Chicks are immunized – We have chosen to sell chicks immunized against Mareck’s disease, a virulent contagious killer of chicks and chickens.

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