Closing of Warehouse and Re-evaluation of Retail Sales

A Letter to Our Member-Owners

The Seattle Farm Co-op Board would like to update its members and retail customers on recent decisions made regarding the retail operations of the Co-op. At this time the Board has decided to close full retail operations of the Seattle Farm Co-op while we assess the feasibility of continued operations and continue to look for a permanent location. The board has established a deadline of January 31st for a go/no go decision for continued retail operations of the Co-op with the option to move forward sooner at Board discretion.

We would also like to emphasize that this hiatus of retail sales will be a busy time for the board who will be weighing the different options and models suggested by our membership for continued operations. Membership support, volunteer contributions and the willingness of new board members to step forward for the upcoming elections will weigh heavily in our evaluations. Please step forward to contribute in any way that you can if your desire is to see the Co-op continue and flourish.

For more details about the future of the Co-op and how you can help, click here to view meeting minutes from the SFC 2014 Annual Member Meeting.

Thank you,
The Seattle Farm Co-op Board of Directors

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