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Approved!! New Urban Farm & Community Garden Legislation!!

This August, the Seattle City Council approved Council Bill 116907 that will help strengthen our city’s food security, and support Seattle’s residents in their efforts to increase urban agriculture. Much of our focus is on the new chicken allowances, with an increase from three to eight chickens allowed on residential lots, plus additional birds for larger lots associated with community gardens & larger urban farms. This is great news, as having eight productive hens dramatically increases a family’s ability to supply it’s own eggs, and the occasional stewing hen. However, roosters didn’t fare so well, as keeping roosters is now officially prohibited, with a grandfather-clause to allow for existing roosters. A boundary of ten feet from neighboring primary residential structures has also been set, allowing existing coops to be grandfathered in if built prior to the code change. Additional changes include creating clear definitions of key agricultural terms; expanding opportunities for community gardens and urban farms in all zones; allowing rooftop greenhouses a 15 foot exception to height limits; add farmers’ markets to the definition of a “multipurpose retail sales” use; and, allow existing urban horse farms greater than ten acres to operate as a permitted use in single-family zones. To read the whole text of the approved bill, follow this link: http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~public/CBOR1.htm and enter Council Bill No. 116907 For more info on the city’s Urban Agriculture visit http://www.seattle.gov/urbanagriculture/