We urgently need your help in finding a new home for the Seattle Farm Coop


Dear Members and Friends of the Seattle Farm Co-op,

As you may know, our current landlord will be developing the property into a condominium project, which poses a logistical issue for our farm co-op — where will we go next? The co-op board is continuing to ask for your help in finding our next space. The board has been actively looking but we’ve not yet been successful. Rents are high and word of mouth will probably be our best bet.

A short list of estimated specifications (revised) can be found below. Additional details are included on the publicly shared Google document here.

Many thanks for your help and support,
Seattle Farm Co-op Board of Directors

Target Location: Easy access to freeways (I-90/I-5). We prefer to be within the city limits but are open to areas close to Seattle City limits.

Budget: $1000 to $2500

Desired Space: We need between 1500 and 4000 SF (more if it fits within the budget!) but are flexible about the configuration. Zoning must be commercial.

Interior Building/Warehouse: We need indoor space but can also be creative with outdoor space, as we’ve been at our current location. Garage door access or loading docks required, as well as a bathroom and some office/meeting space.

Exterior Warehouse Space & Lot: Customer parking, loading/delivery space, and a space to store straw and hay are necessities.

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