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Raising Urban Farmers at the Seattle Farm Co-op

Dreaming of raising chickens, rabbits, goats and bees right in the city? Here’s your source

“Seattle loves its urban agriculture. Thousands of Seattle families grow their own food. Through the city’s community gardening P-Patch program alone, more than 2,000 plotholders cultivate around 32 acres of land. This is in line with a global trend: The USDA reports that around 15 percent of the world’s food is now grown in urban areas, including backyards, vacant lots, balconies and parking strips.

Increasingly, Seattle’s urban farmers are also taking on an area usually associated with rural farms rather than kitchen gardens: animal husbandry. We’re all familiar with the urban chicken movement, but local families are also raising ducks, goats and rabbits, and keeping bees. And an organization that is helping these families access what they need to thrive is the Seattle Farm Co-op.

Founded in 2009, with a retail warehouse and educational center in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood that opened in the spring of 2015, the Seattle Farm Co-op supports and fosters urban farming, with a mission of serving as a resource for both material supplies and knowledge, especially for urban farmers raising animals.”

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