Welcome to the Seattle Farm Co-op!


Seattle Farm Co-op supports the urban farming community, food justice, and the sustainable food movement by offering educational outreach and operating a retail outlet that sells high quality, organic, non GMO feed, seed, fertilizers and locally sourced goods at affordable prices.

History of the Co-op

Seattle Farm Co-op (SFC) is the only co-op retail store selling feed and seed in the south end of Seattle. The co-op is member-owned, (but open to the public). We focus on obtaining supplies like animal feed, straw, bedding, compost, fertilizer, and seeds from local & sustainable sources.

The Co-op originated in 2009 as a grassroots buyers club, by five Seattleites committed to supplying local farmers and gardeners with quality, affordable products that they couldn’t get elsewhere within the city limits. In 2013, it was officially established as a co-operative focused on fostering a great sense of community amongst our members.

As is an all too familiar story throughout our city, the co-op was forced to relocate from our Central District location in May 2015 due to urban development. This presented a number of challenges as we struggled to find a new affordable location and maintain our membership base.

We are so grateful that we were eventually able to find a space in the Rainier Beach neighborhood, where we share with several other food related business groups (Seattle Tilth, Rainier Beach Action Coalition, Juicebox, Wow Chocolates and Free Food For All). The Food Hub, as we now call it, is a place where nutrition, education, growth and empowerment converge to shape our community!

The Seattle Farm Co-op continually strives to be a resource for both material supplies and knowledge for the urban farming community. We do this by providing access to sustainably sourced goods, with a considerable focus on supplying organic, non-gmo, and pesticide free products to urban farmers – including feed, seed, and fertilizers. We aim to expand our educational outreach with youth to the greater Seattle area, on topics such as, growth in the local food justice and food sustainability movements. The Seattle Farm Co-op recognizes the importance of fostering a connection between resources and urban farmers to create a local, sustainable food system for our members and the outlying community, whether in a community garden setting or for those wanting to farm their own land.

Since moving to the south end in Seattle, the SFC has been embraced by the community with over 200 new members in 16 short months! We also have lots of opportunities to volunteer and learn more about urban farming in Seattle. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved, please email us at manager@seattlefarmcoop.com.

Join our online forum for all things related to growing food in the city by clicking here Yahoo Groups.

Thank you,
The Seattle Farm Co-op Board of Directors