Nobody likes to pack up, move, and unpack. Help us lighten the load and get yourself some great deals on supplies (and gifts!) for gardening, chickens, goats, rabbits, bees, and more.


We also have EXTRA special savings on the following:

Egg SkeltersON SALE FOR $20.95 (REG $31.59)
Pearls Garden Lime Granules, 50lb bagON SALE FOR $8.85 (REG $12.73)
Tarter Galvanized Livestock Tanks
- 2x2x3 70 gal – ON SALE FOR $82.45 (REG $114.15)
- Round 23 gal – ON SALE FOR $54.15 (REG $75.06)
Wooden Treadle Poultry FeederON SALE FOR $40.55 (REG $64.65)
Baby Pig/Chicken WatererON SALE FOR $12.95 (REG $18.11)
De-Icer for Poultry Waterer/Water BucketON SALE FOR $29.55 (REG $50.96)
Canning Supplies
- Ball Heritage Blue Pint Jars – ON SALE FOR $6.95 (REG $11.64)
- Ball Regular Mouth Canning Lids (Box) – ON SALE FOR $1.45 (REG $2.24)
- Tattler Reusable Regular Mouth Canning Lids (Box) – ON SALE FOR $5.75  (REG $10.34)
- Tattler Reusable Wide Mouth Canning Lids (Box) – ON SALE FOR $6.75 (REG $11.74)
Jawz Rat TrapsON SALE FOR $3.05 (REG $6.21)
Fontana Chicken BarnsON SALE FOR $180.00 (REG $281.00)
Fruit Socks (apple maggot protection), box of 144ON SALE FOR $6.55 (REG $9.00)
Copasure Copper Capsule for Goats
- 12.5gm bolus – ON SALE FOR $1.85 (REG $2.66)
- 25 bolus tube, 2gm each – ON SALE FOR $18.05 (REG $24.70)
Dog/Goat Nylon Collar, 16” & 18”ON SALE FOR $1.85 (REG $3.18)
SFC Pint GlassesON SALE FOR $2.99 (REG $10.00)
- 1 lb – ON SALE FOR $8.95 (REG $13.99)
- 2.5 lb – ON SALE FOR $16.95 (REG $21.89)
T-posts, 84”ON SALE FOR $6.25 (REG $8.19)
Hog Fence Panel, 3’x16’ON SALE FOR $21.65 (REG $29.97)
Chicken Wire Roll, 48”x150’ON SALE FOR $59.95 (REG $81.58)
Hardware Cloth Roll, 48”x100’ON SALE FOR $113.75 (REG $156.75)
Poultry Killing ConesON SALE FOR $18.75 (REG $31.62)
Power Plucker drill attachmentON SALE FOR $16.95 (REG $36.00)
Sea-Crop Mineral Concentrate – Use Sea-Crop in the fall as a soil drench for perennial plants:
- 32 oz – ON SALE FOR $20.95 (REG $29.00)
- 1 gal – ON SALE FOR $37.55 (REG $52.00)
Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade, 50 lbON SALE FOR $21.65 (REG $30.00)
Pet Lodge Rabbit Hutch, 30”x30”x16”ON SALE FOR $31.95 (REG $47.98)
Rabbit Waterer/Soda Bottle Conversion KitON SALE FOR $3.35 (REG $5.10)
Stainless Steel Rabbit Feeder, small sizeON SALE FOR $5.55 (REG $8.00)
Pottery by Eric Newman
- Large Ceramic Pitcher – ON SALE FOR $30.00 (REG $45.00)
- Ceramic Bunny Bowls – ON SALE FOR $10.00 (REG $15.00)
- Ceramic Poultry Tray Waterer – ON SALE FOR $60.00 (REG $90.00)


A Letter to Our Member-Owners

The Seattle Farm Co-op Board would like to update its members and retail customers on recent decisions made regarding the retail operations of the Co-op. At this time the Board has decided to close full retail operations of the Seattle Farm Co-op while we assess the feasibility of continued operations and continue to look for a permanent location. This decision requires liquidation of our remaining inventory between now and September 26th and a move of any remaining items to temporary storage. Multiple factors such as cost, location, and the ability to operate limited retail operations will all be factored into the temporary storage location decision. The board has established a deadline of January 31st for a go/no go decision for continued retail operations of the Co-op with the option to move forward sooner at Board discretion.

We encourage all our members and customers to visit the warehouse between now and our last open day Friday September 26th to stock up on supplies and take advantage of some excellent savings. We would also like to emphasize that this hiatus of retail sales will be a busy time for the board who will be weighing the different options and models suggested by our membership for continued operations. Membership support, volunteer contributions and the willingness of new board members to step forward for the upcoming elections will weigh heavily in our evaluations. Please step forward to contribute in any way that you can if your desire is to see the Co-op continue and flourish.

A notice will be coming out shortly regarding a membership meeting where we can more fully discuss our agenda for the next couple months and gather feedback from our membership.

Thank you,
The Seattle Farm Co-op Board of Directors

Welcome to the Seattle Farm Co-op!

The Seattle Farm Co-op was created with the express purpose of giving urban farmers better access to feed, tools, supplies and a supportive community of like minded folks. We source our feed as locally and organically as possible and offer a wide range of supplies, classes and gatherings to help all urban farmers get the most out of their farming experience.

Hen Peckin'

Hen Peckin’

The Co-op hosts gatherings and classes and teams up with area organizations like Seattle Tilth and others to create a rich environment of activities for participants. From harvest events with educational workshops, music, dancing and Backyard Barter to on site classes throughout the year like beekeeping, soap making and seed saving, rest assured there is never a dull moment. Each function serves to connect people in the area and create a network of individuals rich in education, passion and skills.

Red Ranger Meat Birds

Red Ranger Meat Birds

Supplies, classes and know how includes anything related to urban agriculture. Beekeeping, keeping goats for milk and cheese production, chickens for eggs and meat, rabbits for meat and manure, worm and black soldier fly composting, gardening, canning and preserving, and local culture and food are all featured. At the warehouse it is very likely that you will pick up good conversation along with your bag of organic layer pellets. The one thing about us urban farmers – we love to talk about it!

Our ScratchPad blog was created on this site to reach out further and really engage everyone together in conversation. Local writers, bloggers, Co-op members, warehouse employees and volunteers all contribute to create an online meeting place for people in the Seattle metropolitan area to talk, exchange ideas and get informed about future community events. Through Yahoo Groups, the Co-op also hosts an online community of over 1000 mostly local urban farmers, experienced and beginner, who regularly share a wealth of information and resources.


Backyard Goats for Milk and Cheese!

Information about Co-op membership and applications can be found on the Membership & Volunteering page. Click HERE for the Co-op bylaws and HERE for the Co-op Articles of Incorporation. Please consider joining our Co-op so that we can continue to bring quality supplies at affordable prices to all of our members. If you’re looking for quality feed and supplies at excellent prices, the Co-op is the place to come. And as a member, your input is welcomed and valued to continue our growth as a Co-op.

Thanks for stopping by!